Future Matrix was founded in 2001 by Ram Shah, a multi-cultural discrete technology firm based in London. Our existence + mission + values were established following the Indian Vedic literature, these teachings emphasise fundamental life principles we unequivocally adhere to; Ethical Morals, Honesty, Trust, Selflessness and Friendship.


What We Do

Our expertise are nurtured around technology consulting, management & implementation.  For us, it’s more than providing services that make our clients life effortless and enjoyable. Our greatest satisfaction comes from going the extra mile, whether through speed of service, responsiveness to your needs or through offering unbiased advice without commitment.

Our Approach

Being a small agile team we provide a very private & personal service, allowing us to understand our customers exceptionally well, thus when clients raise a requirement a solution is implemented without further intervention or question. Our team members thrive off each other along with the happiness + success we bring to our customers.

Get In Touch

Should you have a requirement for our services kindly contact us to discuss further, whilst for clients requiring assistance kindly speak to your dedicated consultant.

83 Lavender Hill
London, SW11 5QL
United Kingdom

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020 8396 6218           info@futurematrix.co.uk